Product Description

Public Service Vehicle Inspection and Rectification Report Book

This item is for recording your PSV safety checks.

Easy to use, using our standardised check list.

Recently updated to the latest recommendations & revisions from DVSA ( Formerly VOSA )

1. Checks on your vehicle

As a commercial PSV, PCV, Bus, Coach or Minibus driver, you might be asked to stop by the a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) officer or police officer.

They can stop minibuses, buses and coaches and other vehicles under powers they have.

The DVSA and Police have the power to carry out spot checks on your vehicle and issue prohibitions if necessary.

A prohibition can prevent you from driving your vehicle immediately or on a delayed prohibition, or until you get a problem with your vehicle fixed.

See Here For More Information On Graduated Fixed Penalty Notices DVSA

DVSA and Police officers can also issue fixed penalty notices, if you commit an offence.

Some of these are graduated depending on the circumstances and seriousness of the offence.

This Public Service Vehicle Inspection and Rectification Report Book works along side operators maintenance staff to record the condition and any work carried out to rectify any roadworthiness issues found.


It’s your responsibility as well as your operator, to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.

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Public Service Vehicle Inspection and Rectification Report Book Sheet

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Public Service Vehicle Inspection Report Book Sheet