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 Trailer Daily Defect Check Report Book – 50 Page Duplicate Book

These Daily Defect books are the perfect solution to recording your trailer daily walk around checks.

50 duplicate, serial numbered pages per book for ease of tracking.

50 duplicate pages per book – serial numbered

What you need to check inside and outside of the vehicle when you do a lorry or other heavy goods vehicle (HGV) walkaround check.

Click here to see video of the legally required walk round checks that need to be done

Check inside the vehicle

1. Mirrors and glass

Check that the windscreen is not:

  • cracked
  • scratched
  • discoloured

Check that the windscreen and front side windows are not excessively tinted.

Check that all mirrors are in place and not:

  • damaged or missing glass
  • obscured
  • insecure

If a camera system is used instead of a mirror, check that it works and the view is correct.

2. Windscreen wipers and washers

Make sure the windscreen wipers work. Check that they are not:

  • missing
  • damaged or worn

Make sure the windscreen washer is working.

3. Front view

Check that no objects get in the way of your front view.

As a general rule, there should be nothing in the swept area of the windscreen wipers.

Some official stickers and road safety items are allowed, as long as they do not seriously block your view of the road, for example, operator licence disc.

4. Dashboard warning lights and gauges

Check that all of these are working correctly:

  • instruments
  • gauges
  • warning lights – including the engine warning, emissions system, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic braking system (EBS)

5. Steering

Check that the steering wheel:

  • moves properly and that the power-assisted steering works correctly
  • has no excessive play
  • does not jam

Check that there’s no excessive lift or movement in the steering column.

6. Horn

Check that the horn works and is easily accessible from the driver’s seat.

7. Brakes and air build-up

Check that:

  • the air builds up correctly and warning system works
  • there are no air leaks
  • the footwell is clear
  • the service brake operates both the tractor and trailer brakes
  • the parking brake for the tractor works
  • the service brake pedal does not have excessive side play or missing, loose or incomplete anti-slip tread

Great value books that will keep you and your fleet safe & compliant.

Conform to the latest DVSA requirements

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Trailer Daily Defect Check Report Book

50 Page Semi Trailer Daily Defect Check Report Book Trailer Walk Round Check Report Pre Journey Defect report Book for Trailer

50 Page Semi Trailer Daily Defect Check Report Book