Product Description

Analogue Tachograph Chart Envelope Wallet / Holder ( Packs of 100 )

Keep your analogue tachograph charts and digital tachograph roll printouts clean, tidy and damage free.

Useful for holding all those analogue tachograph charts or digital tachgraph printouts you now have to carry for DVSA ( Previously VOSA ) / Police road side inspection.

The Item we have here for Sale is Analogue Tachograph Chart Envelopes / Wallets Useful for:

Storage for analogue tachograph charts and digital tachograph printouts.

Their is enough room to record relevant information regarding the drivers’ activity on the envelope.

Analogue Tachograph Chart Enenlope, tacho Chart storage system

Analogue Tachograph Chart Envelope Storage System

HGV Driver

LGV Driver

Truck Driver

Lorry Driver

PSV Driver

PCV Driver

Minibus Driver

Bus Driver

Coach Drivers

Transport Operators

Owner Driver

Transport Manager



or Fitter

Ideal for holding :

Analogue Tachograph Charts

Digital Tacho Printouts

See pictures for actual item.

Operators of transport HGV or Bus Coach undertakings have legal responsibilities and liabilities for their own compliance with the regulations and that of the drivers under their control. Transport undertakings must:

  • ensure that tachographs have been calibrated, inspected and re-calibrated in line with the rules
  • supply sufficient quantity of type-approved charts and print roll to drivers
  • also ensure the return of used tachograph charts from drivers. Note that this responsibility continues after a driver has left employment until all charts are returned
  • ensure drivers are properly trained and instructed on the rules relating to drivers’ hours and the correct functioning and use of tachograph recording equipment
  • must properly schedule work so the rules are met
  • must not make payments to drivers related to distances travelled and/or the amount of goods carried if that would encourage breaches of the rules

You must download data from the vehicle unit:

  • at least every 90 calendar days
  • immediately before transferring control of the use of the vehicle to another person (for example, when the vehicle is sold or un-hired)
  • without delay upon permanently removing the unit from service in the vehicle
  • without delay upon becoming aware that the unit is malfunctioning, if it is possible to download data
  • without delay in any circumstances where it is reasonably foreseeable that data will be erased imminently
  • in any case as often as necessary to ensure that no data is lost (the Vehicle Unit holds 365 days’ worth of average data, after which the memory is full and the oldest data is overwritten and lost)

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