Product Description

Daily Defect Book

Record your vehicle daily defect walk round checks easily using our standardised check list.

Suitable for HGV, LGV, Lorry, Truck & PSV, PCV, Bus, Coach and Minibus.

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Daily Defect Check Report Book – 50 Page – Duplicate Walk Round Check Sheet


Each daily defect book includes 50 duplicate numbered sets and not triplicate.

Keep yourself compliant and adhere to your operators legal requirements of their operators licence respect of daily walk round vehicle defect checks.

See Here For More Information On Daily Walk Round Vehicle Defect Checks

Other more specific Daily Defect Books, Vehicle Daily Walk Round Check report sheet for minibuses, vans, buses and coaches are available on request

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A guide about the van daily checks that van drivers should carry out to make sure that they’re roadworthy and fit for purpose

This guide shows you the daily checks that van drivers / you carry out inside and outside your van to make sure it’s roadworthy.

These checks should be done as part of an overall maintenance programme.

Who can drive vans and the rules you have to follow, safety checks, and guidance for running a fleet of vans and buying vans.

These guides tell you who can drive what types of van, and the rules on speed limits, weight limits and loading, drivers’ hours and maintenance.

They also explain the basic safety checks you can do to keep your van roadworthy.

These guides give best practice advice on running a roadworthy and cost-effective fleet of vans.

They also explain how to improve load safety, safe securing and load on your vehicles

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