Product Description

Anti Blind Spot Fresnel Lens Self Adhesive Van Truck HGV LGV Large A4 Size

This item is in Flexible PVC Material 

30 Degree Xtra-Vision ( Copyright ) Close Poximity Truck Nearside 

One of the only ‘Peel Back’ self adhesive Fresnel Lens available 

Press fit – Simply sticks on glass to eliminate vehicle blind spots 


Fresnel Lens Fitting Instructiosn

Fitting Instructions for Fresnel Blind Spot Lens










Extra vision reduces risk of close proximity accidents / incidents 

Easy to install Blind Spot Fresnel Lenses 

Fitting one of the blind spot lenses could prevent incidents for vulnerable road users like:

Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motorbike and Scooter users 

The above of can be used as part of the requirements by the following 

FORS – Transport Scotland – Road Safety Scotland – Crossrail London 

Size – A4 ( 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 Inches ) / ( 21 x 29 3/4 Cms ) 

HGV Blind spot fresnel lens

HGV LGV Fresnel Blind Spot Lens










Lenses in clear flexible PVC to help truck, van and car drivers see into their vehicle blind spots

We also supply Fresnel mirrors that provide up to 100° wide-angle vision for vehicle drivers

Contact us asout smaller flexible or rigid van, car or coach lenses that are available 

A Hi Vu Fresnel lens press-fits inside the truck’s passenger side window and is held firmly in place by its own peel-back self adhesive

LHD or RHD Fresnel Lens HGV LGV

This Fresnel Blind spot Lens can be used on either left hand driveor right hand drive vehicles











This Fresnel lens provides an extra downwards view for the HGV / LGV driver so that at a glance they can see any vulnerable road user ( cyclist / motorbike / scooter rider or pedestrian ) that might be hidden in the mirror blind spot, alongside his passenger door.

Unlike a mirror, this Hi Vu fresnel lens affords the driver a normal (through the window) view of whats close to his cab, not a reversed or inverted mirror image.

That means the driver can react to any danger much faster than normal 


Fresnel anti-blind spot lenses are now accepted as a very important visual safety aid for HGV / LGV / Truck / Lorry drivers and so organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before being allowed to undertake work on busy urban roads

For advise on the TFL requirements for driving in London click here