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Vehicle Maintainence & Record Wall Chart Size A1

Keep up to date with your fleet safety & maintenance inspections with this A1 sized wall chart and wall planner


Information for up to 18 vehicles providing an excellent overview and helps you to stay organised and compliant under the operators licence undertakings 

Maintainence Reacord wall chart wall chart for hgv lgv bus coach van fleet operators

Vehicle Maintainence Wall Chart 

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Guide to maintaining roadworthiness –

Adhere to your undertakings 

Commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles guidelines 

Use this wall charts to record Regular safety inspections and first use inspections

This describes why regular safety inspections & the first use inspections are

An effective roadworthiness maintenance system under the operator licence undertakings 

Inspections scope and content

A safety inspection can be a freestanding inspection, just those items affecting road safety 

Or it can be part of a more comprehensive inspection that also in addition, takes into account items relating to the vehicle(s) work etc

Regular safety inspections are essential and so this wall chart is great for having an effective roadworthiness maintenance system in place 

As part of the overall vehicle maintenance plan, the inspections should ideally be undertaken as:

A separate operation to routine servicing 

This provides the maintenance programmes with the flexibility to intensify /
otherwise change frequency of inspection(s)

It also allows the introduction of ad-hoc inspections, if they are to be required, without affecting frequency of servicing & other routine work

(i.e when the operating condition call for more regular check or when first use inspections are required).

In addition freestanding inspection reports can be used which provide the operator(s) with:

   1. the means not only the roadworthiness of individual vehicles in service but also the overall effectiveness

Their vehicle maintenance system

in place as part of the operator licence undertakings but enabling any changes that may be necessary. 

 Being cost effective ( using this wall chart ) primarily undertaken in the interest of safe vehicle(s) operations and safety inspection

The early indication of wear, damage or maladjustment may prevent sudden failure
of components

Resulting in unscheduled downtime or prevent wear becoming so advanced that premature replacement becomes necessary. 

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