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These vital daily defect walk round check books are specifically laid out for the Irish market Irish Daily Defect Book

They are compliant with key RSA requirements for Van, HGV and LGV daily walk round checks required 

This cost effective & easy to use way to stay on the right side of the law and keep your vehicles and drivers compliant 

The Daily Defect Walk Round Check is a legal and moral obligation for operators and drivers.

Undertaken by the driver before he / she starts each journey, the purpose of the is to ensure the vehicle is fit for purpose and roadworthy

Also making sure the load is secure and that neither is a danger to themselves , other road users and pedestrians.

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What you need to check inside and outside of the vehicle when you do a lorry or other heavy goods vehicle (HGV) daily defect walkaround check.

You’re responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe to drive and fit for purpose 

Carry out a walkaround defect check of the vehicle before your journey to make sure it’s safe.

Report any defects in writing to the person in charge of sorting out vehicle defects in your organisation.

The police and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) enforcement officers can stop you to do checks on your vehicles.

You can be stopped from driving until you fix any problems they find( Delayed or immediate prohibition notice ), or they can issue you with a fine.

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HGV LGV Van Irish Daily Check and Defect report book 


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Irish HGV LGV VAN daily defect book

Irish HGV Daily Defect Book