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CMR Consignment notes are requirement when carrying goods overseas

This confirms that you as a haulier have received the goods and have a contract from the supplier to carry the goods you have on board your vehicle 

These CMR Consigment notes are supplied in a 4 part carbonless set – 100 sets per pack offering great value for money 

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CMR Consignment notes pad carriage of goods abroad

CMR Consigment Notes Pad

Road consignment notes


          If you want to use a provider to transport goods internationally by road, sea or air there is a standard contract you should use.

This is a road consignment note – known as the CMR note –

This confirms that the haulage company has received the goods and has a contract from the supplier to carry the goods onboard the vehicle 

On all international journeys – eg. other than between the UK and the Republic of Ireland a haulier must have a CMR note if carrying goods on a commercial / professional ( hire and reward ) basis 

Completing CMR Consignment notes


The CMR note can be filled in by:

1.the company sending the goods abroad

2.the haulier a freight forwarder but must contain certain information.


You will need at least three copies of a CMR note including one:

1 for the supplier of the goods

2 for the eventual customer

3 to accompany the goods while they are being transported

For more information on how to complete and carry the CMR, see the guide on moving goods by road.

Restrictions on driving commercial vehicles in Europe

Some EU countries limit the time, dates and days when heavy goods vehicles ( HGV ) can be driven on public highways / roads.

There are variations in what limits apply. 

For advice on whether restrictions apply to your route, you should contact a trade association or the British Embassy.

The vehicle and driver documentation you’ll need when driving abroad

If you take a UK registered lorry, HGV, :LGV, PSV,coach or bus abroad there is certain documentation which you must have with you. See the guides on:

For information on any country on your journey, you can search documentation requirements on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s web pages.

You should check localised regulations for other items you need to carry:

  1. warning triangles
  2. reflective jackets
  3. fire extinguishers
  4. first aid kits
  5. snow chains 

The British Embassy of the countries which you are driving in /through should be able to provide the latest updated informationt for you use 

Vehicle weight limits when driving abroad

The gross train weight (GTW), also known as the maximum plated weight ( MPW), is the total weight of the tractor unit plus trailer plus load allowed legally

The maximum GTW ( Groos Train Weight ) for UK registered tractor/trailer combinatiosn or rigid vehiclesm( wagoin and drag ) is 44,000 kilograms.

This covers 3 axle artic tractor and rigid vehicles with 3 or more axles.

In any case the vehicle must be fitted with at least Euro 2 engines as a minimum standard requirement 

Vehicles registered before 1st October 1997 may have an engine that can be upgraded to at least Euro 2 standard an an upgrade 


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