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Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes HWCN01V111

As of the guidelines from the Environment Agency a fully completed hazardous consignment note mustalways accompany a hazardous waste load / vehicle / driver when moved from any premises.

These notes are in three part sets & shrink wrapped in a 100 per pack, offering great value.

These are fully compliant with the latest regulations the Environment Agency 

Hazardous waste consignment notes HWCN01V111 document packs pads


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Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes 

You must follow the following steps if your business collects & transports hazardous waste in England

(i.e. example you are a waste carrier and / or  move your own waste).

  1. Register as a waste carrier.
  2. Check parts A and B of the consignment note and the waste before you accept it – make sure the waste is classified correctly.
  3. Separate waste correctly when you load it for transportation.
  4. Fill in the part of the consignment note that applies to you.
  5. Leave one copy of the consignment note with the waste producer or holder and keep 2 copies – these must stay with the waste until it reaches its destination.
  6. Take the waste to the destination on the consignment note – it must be an authorised waste site.
  7. Keep records (known as a ‘register’) for one year.

You must leglly keep records at your head office.

Records you must keep as below 

You must keep copies of the following:

  • Consignment notes
  • Any related documents, for example ‘carrier schedules’ (list of carriers when there is more than one), records of rejected loads

If your documents are not accurateand / or not complete, you must keep a record of any missing information and records of updates must be kept 

You’re a waste dealer or broker

You must ask the waste producer or holder for copies of their records.

You must legally keep these for 3 years.

Check what other registration requirements and responsibilities you may need to meet.

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