Product Description

e here at 1st Class Solutions can offer Module 4 Driver CPC courses at our our Goole Yorkshire ( Jct 36 M62 ) DVSA Approved Test Centre.

The course is 3 hours long and this consists of 2 1/2 hours training and 1/2 test with a DVSA examiner.

The price includes use of vehicle, safety demonstration trolley, instructor and the DVSA test fee of £55

The price for the course is £195

If you would like more information on this course before booking please feel free to contact us on 01405 763688 or 07912 387830

If you passed your HGV Cat C1 ( 7.5 ton ) Test after 09/09/2009 or your Minibus Cat D1 after 09/09/2008 you will have to take the DVSA theory module 2 case studies test

and then the module 4 practical demonstration test as your first lot of Driver cpc as you are not allowed to do 35 hours periodic cpc training to gain your first driver cpc card ( DQC Card )

The Case Studies module 2 must be taken at a DVSA theory test centre on the Module practical demonstration test can be taken at a practical DVSA Test Centre like ours in Goole

For more information on the Driver cpc module 4 demonstration test click HERE…

Driver Cpc Module 4 Practical Safety Demonstration Trolley module 4 driver cpc test course

Driver cpc module 4 safety trolley used for the practical test

Module 4 Driver CPC Training and Practical Test

This vehicle is used for Module 4 driver cpc training and tests