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Caravan Training courses


The B+E Trailer Training and Test Courses take place at our Goole Yorkshire DVSA Approved Vocational Test Centre and on local roads.

PLEASE NOTE: That we are the ONLY DVSA Approved Vocational Test Centre based in Goole that can actually do your training and the Official DVSA B+E Trailer Test on site

We do 2 and 3 day courses as follows :If you require the 3 day please message us and we can let you know which day we can add to the below 2 day course dates Thanks

£435 for the 2 day ( part experienced person ) and 3 Day at £535 ( Total Novice ) and includes the hire of the vehicle, trailer, instructor and DVSA test fee

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices include the £115 DVSA Test Fee and VAT unlike some who put the price advertised not including VAT and DVSA Test Fee

Please see below the next B+E trailer test course dates we have available for October 2018

Please note these are on a first come first served basis

Friday 26th for training and then Tuesday 30th October for training and test


Monday 29th for training and then Wednesday 31st October for training and test


Tuesday 6th for training and then Wednesday 7th November 2018 for training and test


Monday 12th for training and then Thursday 15th November for training and test


Tuesday 13th for training and then Wednesday 14th November for training and test


Tuesday 20th for training and then Wednesday 21st for training and test


Monday 26th for training and then Thursday 29th November for training and test


Tuesday 27th for training and then Wednesday 28th November 2018 for training and test

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available for anyone wanting safety, awareness and confidence building training, before they venture out onto the road with a large caravan.

These courses are very much bespoke to you and we start by discussing what you require out of the course.


Caravan Training Course

The course consist of 4 main modules


Safe road skills


( Safe and awareness, planning and observation skills and fuel economy )


Reversing practise


( Learn the techniques to keep yourself safe and be confident while reversing )


Safe loading


( Evenly Spread Across the Caravan Axles and Floor )


Couple and uncoupling



Caravan Training Course

Caravan advice and help


Caravan Training Course

For More Information On Towing With A Car Please Click Here

We make this a fun and enjoyable course for you to learn the reversing, safe loading and couple/uncouple section in a safe and controlled environment at our Goole DVSA Approved Test Centre.

The road safety section is done in a relaxed manner so you can learn the safe techniques required to make your journey more fuel efficient, less stressful and tiring and most importantly safer for your family, pets and yourself.

You can bring your own vehicle and caravan or we can supply the car and large trailer for use during this training. This courses main aims are to build your confidence so you feel safe and competent on the road.

We also cover the points of insurance, breakdown recovery, tow bars, towing mirrors, stabilisers, accessories etc..etc. We also give you an introduction to towing pack which is packed with useful hints and tips to keep you safe.

If you want to do this course with a friend or a family member then please feel free to bring them along.

For More Information On Towing Equipment Rules Etc Please Click Here


Courses are held usually within 2 to 3 weeks notice. So it would be advisable to book well in advance especially during the busier seasons ( April – July )

Please feel free to contact us for further information on 07912 387830 or 01405 763688

Caravan Training Towing Lessons Reversing Practise Trailer Training Couple and Uncouple Caravan test trailer test

Car and Caravan Training Course , Safety and Awareness Training Courses

We are in easy reach of

Goole – Howden – Selby – York – Hull – Beverley – Wakefield – Castleford – Leeds – Pontefract – Doncaster – Sheffield – Scunthorpe – Grimsby

Towing equipment ( Caravan Users )

The equipment you might use with your caravan or trailer must meet certain safety standards.

Tow Bars – Tow Hitch

A Tow Bar must be type approved, this means it meets EU regulations and is designed for your car.

If your car was first used before 1 August 1998 the tow bar doesn’t need to be type-approved.

A type-approved towbar will have a label with an approval number on.

Caravan Towing mirrors – Caravan Mirrors

If your caravan or trailer is wider than the rear of the towing vehicle, legally you may need to fit suitable towing mirrors that are designed for your vehicle.

If you tow without proper towing mirrors you can be:

  • Be prosecuted by the police
  • Get 3 points on your licence
  • Be fined upto £1,000

Trailer brakes ( Braked Trailers )

Any trailer weighing over 750 KGS, including its load, must have a working brakes.

Any brakes on a caravan, horse box or trailer must be in good working order.

Number plates

You must display the same number plate on the trailer as is on the towing vehicle.